Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to become a member of Outhire’s talent network is simple.
  • Once your application is approved, continue to creating a profile and upload your current resume.
  • Approved members will see additional details for each job opening and have the option to apply.
  • Should you be qualified for the role or become qualified for different role in the future, someone from our team will reach out to you.
  • Throughout the process, you will be updated in real-time via the Status bar and receive email notifications at each stage of the process.
Outhire was founded with the goal of delivering a best-in-class hiring experience. Our process is built around the needs of candidates and employers and further elevated with intelligent technology integration. We reinvented the hiring process by eliminating tailored resumes, doing away with application forms, giving real-time feedback, and offering tailored insights and preparation. Our unique presentation, called the Outhire Visual Resume, is all about YOU combining a custom infographic with key information from our interview plus a video showcase of your communication and presentation skills. If you ever thought “If I could just get in front of the hiring manager, I would get this job”, now you can with our simple, modern process that presents you at your very best to employers.

We provide the name of the company once you have been screened and selected to move forward. We work hard to build partnerships with employers to ensure we understand their teams and objectives and communicate this to our candidates. Our exclusive searches, where employers are conducting searches only through us, often include a recorded introduction from the hiring manager! That’s why we have such a detailed write-up for each position that goes well beyond what a typical list of tasks might show. We do this in-place of sharing the company name for two simple reasons.

  1. We only work on a select number of opportunities for unique organizations at any given time.
  2. It helps our selected employers eliminate unwanted attention of other recruiters.

Simply apply via email or login via LinkedIn, and should you qualify, we will contact you for a phone screen and set the next steps from there.

We only present your Visual Resume to employers with your consent and after establishing it is a close fit. From there you have the opportunity to set the salary expectations we communicate.
Our digital-first approach provides an employer base that extends to the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. We are physically headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.
We are industry-agnostic and are instead specialized in finance and accounting roles. That being said, our recent employers are concentrated in construction, technology, and high-growth companies across several industries.
With the rise in career consultants and other niche employment services you may be asking what we charge to our candidates? Zilch! We understand switching jobs is stressful so we aim to offer the benefits of these services at zero charge.
Your videos are stored via a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant third-party apps and are only presented as a part of your Visual Resume for opportunities where you want to move forward.
Our interview process is based on building a great understanding of you, so we can assist you at any point in your career and best represent you to any opportunities you are interested in.
Our Visual Resumes are proprietary to our process and, as such, not shared with candidates. You always have the opportunity to review it on request with your recruiter prior to submission.
Never. We operate with a digital-first mindset and have built our process to operate most effectively remotely while also offering candidates greater flexibility for their schedules.
Yes, you can. For full transparency, we inform hiring managers when there are other employers you are being presented to by Outhire.